- Haemodialysis

- On-line haemodiafiltration (HDF)

- Maintenance therapy

- Pre- and after-transplant follow-up

- Free-of-charge nephrology check-ups
The Service Charter is an essential communication tool, which provides patients with all possible information about the structure and about the services offered. The charter is drafted in compliance with national and regional regulations.
This is the starting point to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is also the philosophy pursued by Dr. Cosimo La Peccerella, renowned nephrologist from Sannio, who since the beginning has favoured research and development in this sector. His long-standing experience, supported by the professionalism of his son Ludovico Alessandro and by a flawless medical staff, is at the basis of an excellent healthcare structure, which during the years has acquired cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, promoting continuous modernization. It is now possible to monitor the general disease pattern of each patient, thanks to the introduction of further instruments, such as: the ultrasonic imager to perform the doppler ultrasound exam, echocardiogram, abdominal ultrasound exams, parathyroids ultrasound for monitoring the excess blood and to perform heart and endocrinological investigations. Specialists who always work putting the required effort in their job offer medical advice and assistance with care.